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How to survive Office Politics?

Employment Law

It has been suggested that a whole new area governing Employment Law should be introduced: “OFFICE POLITICS”

If you are like most of the population we all have a form of employment whether as an employee or self-employed.

We can cross reference those that are self-employed with our expertise in Company Law

In matters of dispute between you and your employer, let MLS legal services working with Local Solicitors provide you with a solution to any problems that have arisen whilst at work.

  • Unfair dismissal

  • Discrimination

  • Redundancy

  • Maternity or parental rights

  • Health and safety

  • Changes in working hours and conditions

  • Unpaid wages

  • Bullying and any other employment related matters

We can help you to negotiate your terms and conditions and levels of compensation in relation to your settlement agreement to end your employment.

Our advisers have expertise and experience in discrimination law relating to race, gender or disability. We also specialise in maternity rights.

Let us help you to come up with a solution to your problem

MLS Legal Services are standing by to help and provide the legal solution to questions you may have, send us an email at or call 0208 797 6950

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